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1.                IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER:-

On the 29th July 2004 Dr Thomas Adebayo Kumolu Johnson (B.J.K), my senior bother, breathe his last at the age of 63 years. His unrelenting battle to rescue the fatherless (no godfather etc) and widows (no confidant) from afflictions as seen in the pangs of poverty, violence etc been inflicted on them by the corrupt style of living of themselves and the leadership of the country and still make himself unspotted in this world has not breathe it’s last in the Kumolu-Johnson family however, as some might be thinking. The Angel of the family excited my son Yinka, who is an accountant by profession with a bank to write in his uncle’s condolence register on the day of his demise on quote “He was a father, hero, mentor, forerunner and an idol. Thank God, you are in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ resting till the trumpet blows. Equally known that it is not over until it is over. May God continue to be with his family and comfort and replenish them Amen.”

The battle against corruption was flagged off in kumolu-Johnson family by our deceased parents- Prince Thomas Aderounmu and Princess Esuruola Iyabode Kumolu-Johnson of Abeokuta/ Lagos. Our father is of Kumolu ruling house of Ilwo Ogun State and Brazilian quarters of Olowogbowo Lagos State whilst our mother is of Coker rulling house of Iporo Ake of Ogun State. They were both of the oldest Democratic government of Egbaland. They believed and lived incorruptibly in the way revealed to them by God. On his dying bed at creek hospital in October 1962 he gave me (Soji his fourth child and third son) a compendium of his sermons in his handwriting, as he was a lay- preacher of the Methodist Church of Nigeria and federal civil servant.


Throughout history, most great civilization that has declined were victims of stagnation rather than conquest Apathy, indifference, detachment led to decay.

In every country today, we find more people who prefer the role of spectator rather than participant. Whenever a problem arises, the spectators asks, “Why don’t they do something?” they can’t help the police to maintain law and order, you can! They are note responsible for the condition of your schools, you are! They can’t give your community good government. You can! Every civic group, every business, every sport clubs, every good tradition, every worthwhile institution began with a need, a vision turned into reality by someone alive, responsible and innovative. To the people who sit back and ask, “why don’t they do something?” we ask, “why don’t you?

He, thereafter, requested me to complete the work for him in any denomination that God might direct me. He also asked me to complete his house and take care of his wife (our mother). I was the last person he spoke to before he gave up the ghost on that day. The house was completed in 1987 and I paid dearly for daring to fulfill this.

2.     Those whom the world is not worthy of –incorruptible without the promise and power.

(i)  Whilst I was still brainstorming to locate the denomination of existing religions, define corrupt ways and know the incorruptible way of living to be able to fulfill my father’s wish my senior brother’s (Dr. Bayo kumolu Johnson deceased) went ahead to set up the first purely Nigeria Non governmental Organization Nigeria council for National Awareness (NCNA) and embarked on the anti corruption campaign nationwide and even in the Methodist Church of Nigeria.

B.J.K sought prayer support from Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Foursquare Gospel Church etc. Celestial Church of Christ was probably the only church that he even established a branch of Redeemed Christian Church of God beside his residence at 14, Remilekun Street, Surulere Lagos. This was really the property of the Estate of our grand father (Last CTA Johnson).

(ii) He thus used all the resources form his business concerns and even those of our grand father’s estate to fight his perceived battle against corruption to earn the name unbreakable B.J.K. He abandoned his career as a medical practitioner to do this until he breathe his last

(iii) Apostle Paul in Hebrews 11:30-40 describing the likes of unbreakable B.J.K before and during his time said. They wandered often in hunger and thirst in the deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth to obtain a good report form the word through faith in their way of visiting the fatherless (no godfather etc) and widows (no confidant etc) in their afflictions and at the same time keep themselves unspotted (incorruptible) in this world of lust of eyes, flesh and pride of life (1st John 2:16)-without the promise and power.

(i) That unbreakable B.J.K was one of them could be seen from his last words-“A higher Spiritual force that I could not resist has always hindered me from establishing the ONE WAY of incorruptible living that God gave me. Please forgive me if by this I have offended anyone”.

Also all the structures that both of them (Late Dr. Bayo kumolu-Johnson and Comrede Niyi Oniororo) built have collapsed completely. What was wrong with the foundation? Who were to sustain and pass them over to generations yet unborn? But that ha was unbreakable B.J.K could be seen in some of the attestations in his condolence register-

(a) “Nko mo wipe o to ya niyen, Sunre O (I did not know that it is time for you to go rest in peace) a o tun pade (we would meet again)!!!-Baba Omojola- leader Egbe Omo Odua.

(b) I have lost a dear friend a fighter for justice and fair play in Nigeria and a sincere patriot. He gave his life for the liberation and uplifting of the downtrodden by the Almighty and may he grant him perfect rest. - Alhaji M.D. Yusuf of movement for Democracy and justice.

(c) My best comrade in the struggle for liberation of man is gone. We shall continue where you left. You died a hero. Your memory will live forever in our hearts. Sleep well my dear comrade-Niyi Oniroro (Now deceased).

(d) B.J.K was different he had the love of the common man in his heart and fought bravely in defense of what he believed to be true and just. He ran a good race. May he receive the crown of glory. Amen. Sooko Olotun Kole Ojutalayo- Estate Surveyor of repute.

(e) Chief Olu Alabi one time Chairman of Federal Housing Authority and  Chief Funsho Adetiba of Late Funsho Williams gubernatorial outfit Network Alliance etc broke down into tears as it was unbreakable B.J.K is now broken.

3.                who is the most incorruptible with and power promise?- God

(i)      The Eye: He sees corruption an earth from heaven investigates them and reports to God in- Council. God (father of Spirits) and ultimate in incorruptibility with promise and power in Genesis 6:5 saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of the heart of men was evil continually.

(ii)     The Crown and Cross. He reports to God in council-or the crown and cross of the eye. God in council of his Lords accepted the result of the investigation of God and released the white paper ‘which was read by one of the lords that made man on earth in Genesis6:6 ‘and it repented the lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart. And the lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from face of the earth; both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it  repented me that I have made them:” even when Adam fell it was God (in his council) that established judgment Genesis 2:8-14.

4        Who are the incorruptible of God on this earth? Israel of God as children of promise and Adam as Servant of God.

(i)   God appeared unto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty thus they had power with God for the 7 (seven) promises of God to Abraham to mature in their lives- Genesis 12:1-3; Exodus 6:2-4, in the land of Canaan that he gave them and Subsequently on the 12 (twelve) households of Jacob. They also established Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as husband and wife genesis 2:8-25. They also judge them when they become corrupt Genesis3:1-24.

(ii)     God appeared unto Moses and the 12 (twelve) households of Jacob and the crown that followed them to make them Israel or his own people, nation, tongues and kings on the earth. By the grace of revelation 10:1-2 he visited these fatherless and widows in their affliction in Egypt to give them salvation and make them unspotted in this world-Genesis 6:3-8 in glory, honor and power. Jehovah (God of host) is the mighty angel in a cloud of angels with eye like man that has rainbow (sunlight) over his head, a little book opened in his hand (Authority of his crow) and fire in his feet. (Cross). In short Jehovah (Good of hosts) has all the attribute to see corruption on earth (the eye) investigate how much it has departed from the authority of his kinship over Israel which is in the open book in his hand and effect judgment vide the consuming fire of his feet (cross) either on sea or land Revelation 10:1-11.

5                    How do you become incorruptible on this earth? ONE HEART after God.

(i)       As a servant of God Almighty on the land he gives you: Adam is lord: As long as Adam and Eve obeyed the law of God in the Garden of Eden Genesis 2:15-17 to dress and keep the Garden and freely eat from all the trees of the Garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil they remained incorruptible in blessing of the voice from heaven of the lord God.

This means when Adam is lord or relies on the blessing of the voice from heaven of the lord to know good and evil he remains incorruptible in all his words and action in he Garden of Eden. This is for man to be able to run his great nation in one wife. Paul went further in 1st Corinthians 12:1-3 to say only man that has knowledge of good and evil by the spirit of God called Holy Ghost confesses that Jesus is lord or Adam is lord or Abraham is lord.

This is the same principle by which Muslims can easily become incorruptible when they do not eat pork as servant of God.

(ii)     As Israel of God (Jehovah) Jacob became Israel when he struggle with the mighty angel (Jehovah) of Revelation10:1-2 that came to him as man until early in the morning (5:30am). He then received the promise- thy name shall no more be called Jacob but Israel: for as a prince (with God Almighty as king) hast thou power with men, and hast prevailed Genesis 32:28. Thus you have to become a price before you can become an Israel in the way Jacob Became one. The 12 (twelve) princes of Ishmael -  Genesis 12:20 con thus become Israel as Jacob in this way

(iii)    People, nations, tongues and kings of this world become Israel of God when they worship in Spirit and in truth before God thus become a true worshipper. They would become some one they like hence an Israel in the making – John 4:23-24. They would be entitle to the 7 (seven) power of god which established the 7 (seven) promise of genesis 12:1-3 in Abraham and also in Jacob in Genesis 32:28. when they know the 7 (seven)  times or seasons that God has put in these power (and wisdom) with  men they would prevail in visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction (problems and difficulties of daily living in this  world) to give them salvation  and become one of the  12 (twelve) restored houses of Israel to this would in this century-acts of Apostles 1:6-7; Eccl3:1-8 James1:27

(iv)    The 4 way test of what to say or do of Rotary International: Is similar to each of the 7 (seven) nos 4 (four) times or seasons of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 when in light of truth, righteousness and rule-tenet of democratic governance. This can make one Israel.

(v)     How did Jesus Christ as Israel of God cleanse the world? Jesus Christ became the most incorruptible man born of woman or Christ the son of the living God or beloved son of God from his sanctification ( Luke 2:8-14) and baptism ( Matthew 3:13-14) with power of God for the promise of God for the promise of Abraham to be fulfilled on him and his communion (1:33) of 12 (twelve) houses of Jacob for ever in this would; power with men in Anointment (Matthew 4:1- 11) and feet washing (John 13:1-17) of men. These made him prevail always in cleansing the world. Thus all true Churches of Jesus Christ in this world most incorruptibility uphold his sanctification, baptism etc in spirit and truth to overcome the gates of hell (Matthew 10:7,8) and her attendant problems and difficulties of living in this world (Exodus 20:1-7) to raise Israel of God. Matthew 16:16-19 in their Churches.

6        What Organization can ultimately cleanse corruption? ONE HEART ONE WAY of God of host. These are organizations that can raise and sustain for ever the corruptible in power with God and with man to prevail always. The 7(seven) promises on Abraham and the 7(seven) powers of God in Jehovah with men to prevail would enable them give salvation as they visit fatherless and widows in their affliction (problems and difficulties of living in this world) and reprove the world of sin, righteousness and judgment to receive glory honor and power-John 16:1-11; James 1 :27 Jesus Christ etc cleansed the world of corruption in his way also

(i)     This is the power of God and power with man that unbreakable B.J.K lacked, hence not fully incorruptible, thus became broken along with his outfit. Unbreakable BJK as most anti corruption crusaders of today can not fully determine who is corrupt not to talk of cleansing him or her.

(ii)     This is the power with God and man that Rev. S.B.J  Oshoffa (1909-1985) was given in the sanctification, baptism, communion, Anointment and feet washing of Jesus Christ when he was a true worshipper in spirit and in truth in the Methodist Church at Porto Novo Republic of Benin and in the wilderness as luli (grace of Christ) on 29th May 1947 to become an incorruptible Israel of God in this world

7        Preach anti-corruption on 27th September 1947 Jehovah came into Papa Oshoffa’s sitting room to commission him, vide a divine order, to preach the ONE HEART ONE WAY after God to visit fatherless and widows in their affliction (problems and difficulties of living on the this word) and reprove the world of sin, righteousness and judgment for them to become incorruptible (unspotted) in this world in glory, honor and power, as Jesus Christ, without recourse to fetish priests and powers of darkness.

(i)     The Israel he would thus raise and sustain for ever worldwide through this ministry would form true worshippers in celestial Church of Christ.

(ii)     They would cleanse corruption world wide. The ministering spirit of the power of God and with men is Lord God of host as Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Michael in Celestial Church of Christ.

(iii)    His banner is that of the mighty angel of Revelations 10:1-11 eye, crown and cross. All the service ordinance of Celestial Church of Christ are based on the sanctification, baptism, communion, Anointment and feet washing of Jesus Christ on earth – Revelation 14: 8-20; 1st  Thessalonians 4: 8-16. Celestial Church of Christ is thus founded on the power of God in blood (life in flesh- Genesis 9:4) of Jesus Christ. This gives the grace of Spiritual Democratic governance of Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Michael to the Church

8        How would Celestial Church of Christ cleanse the world of corruption etc. the Rescuer International is the way forward. In April 1985 Rev SBJ Oshoffa (1919-1985) Prophesized on Ogun State Television whom “his successor to the preaching of the ONE HEART ONE WAY of living after God to raise Israel from within the Church to cleanse the world within the context of his divine order of 27th September 1947 would be. He gave (4) clues to fully identify the church who has been called for this.

(i)   The Spirit that instituted the church will choose this successor of his (Oshoffa).

(ii)   He would have joined the Church 5/6 or 20 years before his demise in October 1985.

(iii) He is not his deputy when on seat as pastor in this word.

(iv) He is not going to be Pastor of the Church but must be honored and respected.

(v)  I Olusoji Kumolu Johnson) has satisfied the (4) condition I have been chosen by the Spirit that institued the Celestial Church of Christ to set up a group of Parishes named Ileri Oluwa Se Lori Mi- Moboloaiye or the promises of Abraham has been fulfilled in my life and I have power of God and power with men to prevail always. I am Israel of God and father or Rescuer International by his grace.

(b)     The Spirit that instituted the Church has enable me to produce over 2,000 (two thousand) preaching of the ONE HEART ONE WAY of living after God for Spiritual Democrats of 3rd Millennium in the 12 (twelve) households of Jacob etc.

(c)     I was baptized into the Church on 26th February 1980 which is 2/6 years before Papa Oshoffa’s demise of October  1985,

(d)    The Spirit that instituted the church has given me respect and honor:

-    Shepherd in Charge Celestial Church of Christ Ileri Oluwa Se Lori mi-Moboloaiye group of parishes worldwide.

-         Prophet and Teacher Great Societies (Cities of God) management Ministry

-         Secretary Association of Spiritual founders of Churches of Christ Worldwide.

-         General Overseer Rescuer International Army of Spiritual Democrats worldwide.

(9)  It has come to pass- tale of two cities. The Nigerian Council for National Awareness (NCNA) of unbreakable BJK has been superseded by- The Rescuer International. Army of Spiritual Democrats. We will soon challenge the Supreme Court of Nigeria ruling of 2000 which stated that the proclamation of Papa Oshoffa on Ogun State Television in April 1985 is incapable of fulfillment. It is fulfilled in the Rescuer International. Some of the prophesies on Jesus Christ were fulfilled 400 (four hundred) years later why the hurry to make my Chairman a lie

Extract from divine Order of Rev. SBJ Oshoffa 1919-1985 Founder Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide- Page 2 paragraph 2 and Page 7 paragraph 24 of second Schedule Constitution of Celestial Church of Christ 29th march 19800 for his successor or Rescuer International to fulfill.

On the 29th of September 1947, while praying in my house with some visiting friends I saw a strong ray of light rather like that from the headlamp. I then saw a winged being

Whose body was like fire and whose eyes were tiny flying to wards me behind the beam of light?

As it approached me, the beam of light shortened until the being stood about a yard from me. This being then proceeded to say to me: God wishes to send you on an errand of preaching to the world.

Many Christians there are who, during there lifetime, when confronted by problems and difficulties of this world they seek after workers of darkness for all kinds of assistance.

On their death, they think they are Christians, but they are no longer Christians because Satan has left his mark on them. For this reason such people after death can not see Christ.

God wants to send you to the world on a mission of preaching and exhortation, but the world will not believe you.

To assist you in your work so that men may listen to and follow you, miraculous works of holy divine healing will be wrought by you in [The name of Jesus Christ. These works of divine healing and God’s Spiritual mark on you will testify to the fact that God sent you.

Rescuer International fulfils The Great Proclamation of Rev. Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa Founder, Pastor, Prophet, CCC Worldwide

“ I have concluded arrangement on the chosen leaders but my successor is not the person who is immediate tome in rank, the person to be chosen may be a person who just been a member of the congregation for six, five or twenty years. The Spirit of the Lord which instituted the Church will choose the person. Everybody will remain in his position and the chosen one will be honored and respected”. Has my successor come on board to continue the task of cleaning the world from where Papa Oshoffa stopped on 19th October. 1985.

Celestial Church at 60!!!

Great societies Management (G.S.M)
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Lord God of Host (Oluwa Olorun Awon Omo Ogun)
Jehovah, Jesus Christ Holy Michael


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